Identity Provider

Deployed in-house or on-cloud, multiple instances, Web App or Docker image. Standard Identity and Access Management solution with SSO.

  • Implementation of Identity Provider (IdP) solution based on IdentityServer4
  • Integration with existing SPA, MVC, Web API and native applications
  • Azure AD, Okta, Google and more external provider integrations
  • Custom features like user provisioning, impersonation, multi-factor auth
  • ASP.NET Core Identity user store
  • User import from non-standard to the standard user store
  • Different data store implementations like MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, In-memory
  • Error log
  • Open-source Admin UI
  • Identity Provider
  • Migration

    The biggest concern is to migrate config and user stores correctly along with any custom features and endpoints. Client application changes are usually minimal.

    • Implementation of the latest stable Identity Provider (IdP) solution
    • Custom features migration
    • Integration with existing applications
    • Configuration data migration
    • User store migration
    • External provider configuration
    • Custom endpoints & auth flows
    • Error log
    • Open-source Admin UI
  • Migration
  • Visual identity and branding

    Bootstrap UI works but is visually generic. Custom login and logout page and header with a brand logo are usually required to make it fit with the existing brand visual identity.

    • Custom header with brand logo
    • Custom colors and fonts
    • Custom menus
    • Login page re-design
    • ASP.NET Core Identity pages re-design
    • Custom error page
    • Custom 404 page
    • Custom text on existing pages
    • Custom pages
  • Visual identity and branding